Membership Info

  1. OPMC is owned by its members. As a member, you are an owner. The track and facilities belong to no one person more than another.
  2.  CURRENT MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED. Non-members riding on the track are not only a huge liability which could cause our track to be shut down, they are also causing wear and tear, at the expense of the members. Additionally, non-members who are not accompanied by a member with a guest pass are TRESSPASSING. It is recommended to all members practicing at the track to lock the gate to prevent unauthorized entry.
    Occasionally, we will have a paid practice event open to non-members before a Sunday race. We will post it on the website.
  3. All vehicles must have a parking permit displayed in the dash or mirror. If you see someone without a pass, please ask them to leave. If they do not leave, contact a board member or call the Sheriff.
  4. Riding hours are from 9am to 8pm(or dusk). Track is closed during certain events, please check website for closures.
  5. Your key will open the upper gate and the outside door to the clubhouse for access to the restrooms. Please remember to lock all doors before leaving the premises.
  6. Keeping the grounds clean is everyones responsibility. Please put your garbage in the trash can. We have no grounds keeper, only our members.
  7. Riders under 15 must have a parent or guardian present when riding. PARENTS: exercise caution when letting the kids with smaller bikes out during busy times. Advise smaller riders to “hold their lines” when being passed by a faster rider.
  8. Track direction is now COUNTER-CLOCKWISE. Riding backwards could result in loss of membership.
  9. PLEASE KEEP THE TRACK WATERED AT ALL TIMES. Watering is critical to maintaining positive relations with the neighbors. Excessive dust could shut the track down. It also makes for better riding conditions and less filter changes. -Helmets and boots are required at all times for all riders.
  10. Use idle speed only on roads, pits and parking areas.
  12. No riding and drinking alcoholic beverages allowed(or any other type of influence).
  13. All club members are responsible for club safety and operation.
  14. Dogs are required to be on a leash at all times.
  15. Common courtesy is expected of all members. Please be careful with language usage around younger riders. Remember, they look up to the guys on the big bikes. Please set the example.

For further information contact board of directors or an elected official.